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Institute Awards

The IOR promotes achievement and innovation in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump applications, through a number of annual awards. Nominations are encouraged from individuals at all stages of their career with the following awards..

J&E Hall Gold Medal awarded for practical contribution to the development of RAC technology

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This internationally respected award recognises the most noteworthy practical contribution to the science of refrigeration. It can be given to an individual or team with recent outstanding achievements in one or more of the following areas:

  • Practical applications of innovative designs
  • Projects which have made an original contribution to the field
  • Systems which demonstrate substantial potential and evidence that they will be completed successfully
  • Outstanding and significant work in a new or unusual area

The 2015 award was made to Ian Tansley, Chief Technical Officer of  SureChill Company Limited. Ian is a leading figure in the renewable energy industry where he is addressing the issue of providing reliable cooling with an intermittent or erratic power supply.  His vaccine refrigerator operates without the need for a constant power source and avoids the use of costly and unreliable solar rechargable batteries using water based cooling technology. The World Health Organisation has approved medical refrigerators using this technologyand it is already having a major impact on child health worldwide, helping to save lives in some of the most difficult environments on earth.  Ian will give a paper detailing the technology and its potential for commercial application in a paper to members next year

A special mention of thanks to J&E Hall International who have supported this award consistently for 38 years. Prof WAng received a Gold Medal to keep for one year, an engraved silver replica and a prize of £5,000.

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Student Research (Ted Perry Award)

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To encourage and promote research by students related to refrigeration and air conditioning, an award of £500 is made sponsored by Hawco Ltd and a prize of a set of ASHRAE Databooks is donated to the winner in honour of the Past President Ted Perry by his family. 

This years award was presented to Thorsten Spillmann for his research into cost effective solar powered air conditioning using desiccant coated heat exchangers at the University of Warwick.

Thorsten will also give a talk on his work to members next year as part of the SIRACH research and innovation programme. Details to follow.

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Published Research presented to IOR Members (Kenneth Lightfoot Medal)

The Institute provides a prize of £500 and a Medal to for the best paper presented in our programme of free evening lectures which are published in the Annual IOR Proceedings. The award is supported by Lightfoot Defence in honor of the Past President of the Institute, Kenneth Lightfoot. For information and a list of past winners click here. 

This year's winners as voted by members, were John Clark and Angus Gillies for their paper which you can read here: "Comparison of evaporative and air cooled condensers in industrial applications

The paper examins the range of condenser options and how they are used.  It focuses on the economic and efficiency justification for selecting different types of condensers based on a comparison of the total cost of ownership.  It also includes an evaluation of plant size and type (air cooled or evaporative), design considerations such as relative first cost, energy cost, water supply, treatment and disposal costs, maintenance requirements and heat exchanger life expectancy.  Weather data and part load operation characteristics are taken into account and the impact of the condenser selection on refrigeration plant costs, both direct and indirect is outined.

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Service Engineer Lifetime Achievement recognition

The IOR Service Engineers' Section makes a lifetime achievement award to recognise an individual's commitment  to a career in service, maintenance or installation engineering. This award is sponsored by The Trainee of the Year Award. To download a nomination form and for information about the Service Engineers' Section follow this link.

This year's winner starting working in the refrigeration industry in the late 1950’s a an apprentice in air conditioning and small systems and moved on to larger systems such as food spiral freezing. He has worked on everything including ships, packs and large air conditioning system.  He was there for the beginning of data centre cooling when he worked on Manchester University’s Atlas Computer’s cooling system and also the first computer to process the Football Pools results! At the age of 72 he is still enjoys being on the tools as a service engineer in the family business he started over 40 years ago, that now employs 8 engineers. He still attends calls out to the more technically challenging jobs.  

The winner Roy Dearden of Kool-it Services Ltd has shown an exceptional commitment to training and bringing on trainees and apprentices. His business has trained many apprentices and he is extremely proud of their success, keeping in touch with them as they progress in their career. 

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