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Guidelines for proposing an evening paper

The IOR is inviting anyone with an interesting project, innovative application or design story to offer to present their work to members at one of our regional events.  Presentations must be supported by a detailed paper and illustrations of the challenges and opportunities offered by the work presented. 

Applications will be reviewed by our Papers and Publications Committee in March.   

Please send a brief outlines of the topic you plan to cover together with a title for your talk. The outline should be no longer than 500 words and should address questions such as what will members learn from this that they could use in their work, how does it illustrate the contribution of RACHP science and practice to society and what does it do to inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians.   Remember to include

  • The names of authors who will contribute to the written paper and talk
  • A short and clear title 
  • Your outline of no more than 500 words
  • email and telephone details

A prize of £500 is offered for the best presentation and the winner is awarded the Kenneth Lightfoot Medal at the Annual Dinner. 

Note: if your offer is accepted you will need to write up a detailed paper of around 6-8 pages outlining the project which will be circulated to IOR members and published in our Journal and Proceedings.  The talks usually take place in Birmingham, London, Bristol but other locations can be considered if you can offer a venue.  The dates will be between October and March.   You should be prepared to talk for about 30-40 minutes about this project or innovation.

Submit your outline here

Or contact us if you need further guidance