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SIRACH Innovation roadshow


What is SIRACH? 

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SIRACH is a network to promote sustainable innovation in refrigeration air conditioning and heat. Members work together to address a key strategy for UK PLC; technical innovation for long term profitability and a clean environment.The challenge is to increase innovation funding to the same level as in Japan and Germany, to enable us to compete globally in the 21st century. For the UK RAC industry the key challenge and opportunity is to provide  low carbon efficient cooling with increasing  temperatures. To achieve large scale carbon reductions the industry must innovate. Traditionally, innovation has been by select companies, research organisations and universities.  However there is now a great opportunity for all to benefit.

How does it work?

As a networking organisation supported by the Institute of Refrigeration SIRACH brings together the combined might of RAC research workers with industry innovators. It will increase the flow of information between those with problems to solve and those with the ideas to solve them. SIRACH has its own website at and organises regular meetings, newsletters and research reports.

How can you get involved?

  • Come to the regular meetings held throughout the country at leading universities and businesses who engage in research
  • Visit the website and sign up to exchange ideas with others
  • Add details of any reserach projects you are involved in onto the website
  • Join the steering committee to help plan SIRACH meetings in the future

Now is the time when rapid development is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Members will be pooling their ideas to create faster research and bringing these ideas to the industry. Industry will be talking about their ideas for innovation to reduce emissions.

Register at the website to find out more