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Energy Efficiency and the Future

Gaining Business Advantage from 20-20-20 targets

Thu 2nd Mar 2017 12:30

Oganiser International Refrigeration Committee

The International Refrigeration Committee focused on the business opportunities of environmental policy and international energy reduction targets. 

In an uncertain global community there are questions about what the impact of EU Policy and Global accords are going to have on the UK Government energy and environment strategy. This Briefing discussed what are the drivers and successes to date in achieving energy efficiency savings and lowering emissions.  What are our options? What new solutions are likely to present themselves? And how should we in the UK put these in an international context?

This half day business briefing offered guidance and case studies of:

  • How 20-20-20 is driving energy efficiency and reducing emissions in Europe
  • Technologies and behaviour factors that are having an impact
  • The role of low GWP HFO refrigerants

The event outcome was a policy briefing that can be read here


What will 20-20-20 mean for UK Business?  Andy Pearson, Star Refrigeration and Technical Committee Chairman of the IOR

20-20-20 objectives and the impact on greenhouse gases and energy efficiency. Andrea Voigt, EPEE

20-20-20 objectives and the renewables market. Greg Arrowsmith,EUREC

20-20-20 targets and the global picture.   Roberto Peixoto, RTOC and UNEP

The implications and consequences of greening the grid. Philip New, Energy Catapult

HFOs - part of the solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Mexichem and Honeywell

Case Study SYMBIOPTIMA Smart Thermal Grid Data Storage. Andrew Marshall,Spirax Sarco Ltd

Case study: Improving energy efficiency through the smart use of data. John Clark, Star Refrigeration