Presidents' Fund 


Funding IOR initiatives to promote refrigeration and education


Influential initiatives to promote the standing of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumping have been led by the IOR in recent years, thanks to generous contributions from industry to our Presidents' Fund. The key areas of work supported by the Fund have been:

  • A new apprenticeship design for the RACHP Engineering Technician to address the issue of skills in new entrants
  • Cool Science at the Big Bang Science Fair to raise awareness of refrigeration sector to young people
  • Fantastic Fridges a website for school children with interactive games and animations based on refrigeration science.
  • REAL Zero campaign which gave practical advice and guidance on reducing refrigerant leakage
  • End user guidance for owners of refrigeration equipment in the food processing sector
  • A system efficiency index calculator for complex refrigeration systems
  • Careers in cooling - a publicity campaign to raise awareness amongst schools of the potential of careers in the sector
  • An Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Institute (ACHPI) to improve skills in this growing sector.

Projects of this kind often require collaboration with other bodies, both national and international. Underwriting by the President's Fund enables the Institute to leverage other sources such as in-kind contributions from members and supportive organisations such as the Carbon Trust. 


How does the IOR fund these initiatives?

The IOR Presidents' Fund has been used either directly or as a means of underwrite exceptional high profile expenditure items that would not normally come out of regular general expenditure.  The President can make a recommendation to Council for approval to support initiatives identified of particular importance.


How you can support this work

We are grateful to the organisations listed below who have contributed directly to the Fund. Additional money is raised by members at the IOR Annual Dinner through donation to a raffle. Donors as Patrons of the IOR President's Fund are leading the way in initiatives whose outputs will benefit the standing of our industry over the years to come.

  • donations of £5000 or over are listed on the IOR website, annual report and Annual Dinner programme
  • regular donations of £500 are equally valuable and such a commitment will also be acknowledged.

If your organisation would be interested in these valuable initiatives and could provide a commitment of support for the President's Fund please contact the President of the IOR, Kelvin House, 76 Mill Lane, Carshalton, SM5 2JR


Current Patrons of the Presidents' Fund

  • Star Refrigeration

  • J Sainsbury

  • Coolers and Condensers

  • Danfoss

  • Rhone Poulenc

  • Dean and Wood

  • PLG Insulations

  • Sabroe

  • BV Goedhart

  • March

  • Linde

  • HRP Ltd

  • 3CL

  • Ref Aberdeen

  • NW Branch

  • Barbara Perry

  • Scottish Branch

  • Dr W Gosney

  • Copeland Corporation

  • C-Dig network


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