Conference Themes

The conference will be split into parallel streams, including the following topic groups:

Characteristics of HFO refrigerants

  • thermophysical properties
  • heat transfer performance
  • fluid flow characteristics
  • performance modelling

System and component design

  • compressors
  • heat exchangers
  • control systems
  • energy performance



  • risk analysis
  • design considerations
  • operating experience

Legislation, codes of practice and standards

Experience in operation

  • commercial refrigeration
  • professional catering appliances
  • domestic refrigeration and other home appliances
  • transport refrigeration
  • air conditioning
  • automotive air conditioning
  • chillers
  • heat pumps
  • power cycles

Responsible use

  • leak prevention
  • efficiency of operation
  • LCCP
  • charge minimisation

The conference will focus on HFO refrigerants however papers may include comparisons of HFO refrigerants with other low and moderate GWP fluids such as ammonia, CO2, hydrocarbons and R32.

For the purpose of the conference the definition of low, medium and high GWP will be as outlined in the UNEP RTOC Reports 2014.  GWP below 300 is low GWP over 1000 is high.

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