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Development of R290 Transport Refrigeration System, Domestic refrigerator design - safety issues and opportunities

two talks from the IOR

Thu 2nd Mar 2017 17:15

Venue London South Bank University, CEREB, London, SE1 0AN
Speaker Daniel Colbourne, Mick Beasley
Oganiser IOR

On the 2nd March two IOR papers will be presented

Paper 1: Development of climate-friendlier truck refrigeration systems in South Africa using R290

Presented by Daniel Colbourne

This  paper describes the development of low-GWP refrigerated transport systems for small and large trucks using R290. The overall climate impact of the refrigeration system is minimised both through improving energy efficiency and eliminating the GWP of leaked refrigerants.

Paper 2:  Domestic Fridges - opportunities for improving safety based on study of domestic fires in London 2005 - 2015

Presented by M Beasley

There are around 300 house fires each year where the fridge is cited as the cause. This paper describes the examination of evidence of all domestic fires in London between 2005 and 2015 where fridges have been cited as the fire source. It describes the generic reasons  for the cause and spread of the fire and potential ways of constructing and using fridges to significantly reduce the risk, spread and consequences of these fires

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*Paper - Domestic refrigerator design
Domestic refrigerator design - safety issues and opportunities
*Paper - Development of RRV R290 system
Development of R290 transport refrigeration system