Keynote Speakers

Rajan Rajendran - Emerson Climate TechnologiesRajanRajendran2 Emerson

Rajan Rajendran is vice president, System Innovation Center and Sustainability at Emerson Climate Technologies. Rajendran serves on HVACR industry committees, such as the AHRI, the Alliance For Responsible Atmospheric Policy, NAFEM and ASHRAE. In addition, he is vice chair of the Systems Steering Committee at AHRI, the co-chair of the Global Food Cold Chain Council (GFCCC), and represents the United States on UNEP’s Refrigerant Technical Options Committee (RTOC) as the chapter lead author for Refrigeration and member of the Air Conditioning chapters.  Rajendran also coordinates the alternate refrigerants work within Emerson and serves as the official spokesperson for Emerson on refrigerant related topics. 

Kenote presentation: HFO’s in use - feedback from end users

This presentation will explore how HFO development has impacted end users and their business. It will provide insight into the concerns, practical problems or issues that the end users have faced. 

  • A general overview of the end users experience of the use of HFO refrigerants.
  • What do the end user look for in equipment using HFO refrigerants.
  • What issues cause end users concern about the use of HFO’s and how do they rank these issues.



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