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Worksheet 2: Environmental Awareness



1. If you went to a shop to buy a new fridge, you would find lots of different types in the shop. Big and small, chest freezers, frost-free ones . . . but they should all have a brightly coloured label on the front called an ENERGY LABEL.

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Which fridge would you buy if you wanted the one which would have the least effect on global warming?
a) energy label rating C
b) energy label rating A
c) the cheapest

2. What should you do with your old fridge?

a) give it away, or sell it, if it is still in good working order
b) contact your local council Recycling Department and ask them to come to take away the old fridge so that they can remove the chemical inside the machinery safely before it is disposed of
c) leave it out with the dust bins

3. Which of the following is the biggest user of electricity for commercial refrigeration?

a) chemical manufacturers
b) shops selling food and drink
c) manufacturers of food and drink

4. Which of the following are greenhouse gases?

a) air
b) carbon dioxide
c) coal and oil

5. What are the objectives of international agreements such as the Montreal Protocol and the Kyoto Protocol?

a) to provide a place for governments to talk about the environment
b) to reduce the damage we are doing to the environment
c) don't know

Talk about your answers in class and think about the effect of the choices you made on the environment.



If you answered b) to all the questions then you have passed the test! These are the correct or the most environmentally friendly answers.


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