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Membership grades

Different grades of membership and subscription are available depending on your interests and experience:


Technician Members         
  • Technicians have a minimum of three years’ experience in an engineering technician level role such as service, maintenance, or installation of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment.
  • They benefit from receiving the specialist practical information for service engineers in a quarterly mailing as well as the IOR membership benefits.
  • Technician Members are entitled to use the initials TMInstR after their name and to apply for Engineering Technician registration with the Engineering Council. 

 Full Members

  • Members have extensive knowledge and experience at a senior management appointment, of at least 3 years.  
  • They come from a wide variety of refrigeration, Air conditioning and allied sectors with significant experience and a high level or responsibility.
  • For example Directors, Senior Managers, Designers, Senior Lecturers, Marketing Managers, Technical Consultants, Food Technologists
  • Members use the initials MInstR and take an active part in the Institute by voting in Elections and standing for Executive Council.
  • Members may be eligible to apply for Chartered or Incorporated Engineer Registration with the Engineering Council.   
  • In order to full IOR Membership applicants must provide a complete career history and CV detailing responsibilities of all jobs held (including those not related to RACHP) for consideration by the Membership Committee

Associate Members

  • Associates usuallly have considerable practical skill with a good level of theoretical knowledge and some management experience.
  • They must have at least 3 years experience in a responsible role depending on their level of qualifications.
  • Associates are often at a fairly early stage in their career and dont have quite experience to apply for full Membership yet, but may be invited to apply for Advancement in the future to full Membership.
  • They can use the initials AMInstR after their name, and vote in Elections and standing for Executive Council.  They can apply for Engineering Technician or Incorporated Engineer Level at the Engineering Council.  

Student or Young Persons 
  •  This grade is designed to encourage those new to the industry to get networking and making valuable contacts within the sector. Its open to anyone under the age of 30 working in any role in the sector, as well as student apprentices, undergraduates or post graduates in full time education.
  • After three years you would normally be eligible to advance to Associate Membership.


  • This grade is for someone with an active involvement in the industry but insufficient direct experience or qualifications to be eligible for Member of Associate. 
  • It is particularly suitable for anyone who wants to keep up with developments associated with the sector but is in a non technical role
  • There are no initials, voting rights or the opportunity to stand for Council, vote in election or AGM.  
  • Applications are not subject to the evaluation of the Membership Committee so it can be a quick way of signing up to get news and information. 

Service Engineers





  • Service Engineer Section subscription is available to anyone who wants to access the IOR service engineer publications.
  • There is no criteria for joining and you can join on line immediately to start downloading publications and guides.
  • There are no voting rights or initials after the name. If you want to gain initials you should apply for IOR Technician Membership grade.

Air Conditioning Engineers

  • Air conditioning and Heat Pump subscription is also available to anyone who wants to access the IOR engineer publications and carries no voting rights or initials.